Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Value of Ideas

After dedicating my adult life to a creative pursuit such as the video game industry, I am no stranger to ideas. I see everyone around me being just as inspired and imaginative as I am. These days, it is easy to see how a simple idea can quickly make a person very famous or wealthy. For the most part, I believe that this is why people see and associate tangible value in thoughts and ideas; particularly their own. In many cases, people will insist on others signing a legal agreement before they even mention their ideas to anyone. To those people, a grand idea is a rare commodity that should be protected until they are ready to show. The truth however, is that to a truly creative person, ideas are things that come and go frequently.

People are afraid to share their ideas with anyone. It has become a coveted commodity and when they finally get it, they won't let it go. As far as I'm concerned, this is stifling our creative industries.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Video Games Aren't Letting Us Learn Anymore

Do you remember your early days of playing video games? That feeling when it was your first time playing a new game and you were fully engaged with what was being presented to you. After each set of dialog or cut scene you were off to continue your adventure and you knew exactly who you were in that world. Your objective was clear whether it be save the royal heir, kill the evil wizard or push the large block out of the way. Well now those days are but a fond memory and that game is solidified as one of your most beloved games of all time. You love that game so much that every so often you revisit it in hopes to relive at least a little of the pleasure and wonder you once experienced as a kid. One day, however, you decide to show a friend. Sounds great, sharing each other's experiences is what many live for and you want to do the same. With controller in hand, your friend begins what you know to be one of the greatest adventures of their life! There's a problem though... The intro concludes and your friend says those fateful words, "So, what am I doing?"

Friday, January 24, 2014

Retora Unity Starter Package

The Global Game Jam is back for 2014! You can get off to a great start by using our Retora Starter Package. It includes many awesome things to help you get started as well as folders to organize everything.

Start a new Unity project then import this package and you are good to go!

Click here to download